About the Firm

About the Firm

In business and in life, these principles guide all that we do:

1. Integrity
2. leadership
3. results
4. entrepreneurship
5. Excellence
6. agility

We believe the true character of an organization or a leader is revealed by adversity. Bad things can happen to good people and honest people can make mistakes. Leaders and organizations committed to integrity will thrive in even the toughest situations. We have also seen organizations choose a different path and suffer the consequences of their decisions.

That’s one reason why we personally treat maintaining our and our clients’ integrity as a specific commitment – and why we only advise leaders and organizations who share a similar commitment.

/ Our Speciality:

  • Legislative Draughting
  • Business Recovery & Isolvency
  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright
  • International Trade Law
  • International Commercial Law
  • Oil and gas law
  • Industrial relations law and practice
  • Revenue Fiscal Law and practice
  • Corperate and Commercial Law
  • Aviation security law and procedure
  • Security and risk management
  • General litigation

Our clients are our Associates. We understand their exact needs and values, and develop long term connections – and commitments – with them. We invest time and expertise to build trusted alliances that enrich both sides and can last for decades.